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Hollow Bones Zen is an American Rinzai Zen School providing a clear, open channel for awakening body, mind, and spirit.

Jun Po

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    The purpose of this class is to not only review all of the elements in the Sutra Book, but to go more deeply into selected texts so that participants begin to understand the context and reason for each entry in the book. As well, you will learn about the functions and rituals to which many of these texts refer.

    This 5 session class takes a detailed dive into the practice of Radiant Heart Qigong (RHQ) as developed by Hollow Bones Zen Roshi Fudo Myo Teja Bell.  Taught by Bodhi William Prince.

    The Mondo Zen Facilitator Certificate Program is a eight-month structured learning environment providing knowledge, mentorship, and community for effectively learning the skills of Mondo Zen Facilitation. T

    While sickness, old age, and death are inevitable in this life, thoughts, feelings, and discussions about them are often feared and avoided at any cost. However, the cost is dear as people allow their fears to destroy the intimacy they could have with their lives and with those they love.

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    Precepts are guidelines that Zen practitioners follow.  In our Jukai Ceremony and Priest Ordination Ceremony, people commit to live by these Precepts to guide how they function in the world, how they interact with all beings, and how to live with compassion and wisdom. Understanding these commitments is a necessary step on our path of awakening beyond zazen and Mondo Zen Facilitation.

    This is a monthly offering.